Member levels & points

As a member of can able to earn more points based on the contributions to the site in different sections offered by, The membership levels are evaluated based on the points earns by submitting the Forum questions, Forum replies, Articles, code snippets, Interview Questions and .Net Definitions.

There are six different levels, starting with Starter and ending with Diamond star.

Levels Points
Starter 0-175 
Bronze 176-750  
Silver 751-2500 
Gold 2501-10000 
Platinum 10001-25000 
Diamond Above 25000 

The mentioned above points are based on the quality of the resources. You must post high quality and formatted contents, and then only you will get more points.

Membership level points are based on the below listed information

Submission type Points/Description
Forum Post 5 Points - Ask a .Net technical question and earn 5 points.
Forum Answer 10 Points - Post Reply/Answer for the Forum questions and earn 10 points
Article 100 Points - Post your valuable article and earn upto 100 points
10 Point - Post comments for the article and earn 10 points
Code Snippet 25 Points - Submit a compiled Sample .Net Code and earn upto 25 points
5 point - Post comments for the code snippet and earn 5 points
Interview questions 25 Points - Post .Net interview questions & answers and earn up to 25 points
5 Point - Post comments for the interview questions and earn 5 points
Definition 25 Points - Post .Net Definition and earn upto 25 points
5 Points - Post comments for .Net Definition and earn 5 points
New user 25 Points - Register as a member and earn 25 points

Do not copy Article, code snippets, interview questions, definitions and third party copy rights resource contents from others website, its violation of copy rights laws. You must post only self written resources. Copied content will be deleted permanently.