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Remove unused USING statements

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As a developer, we need to maintain the code as well-ordered and makes others to read easy. In general when you create new web page in asp.net project, visual studio automatically will add using statements which are actually not required for that specific page. Also there is no value and creating confusing for the developers and also note, there is no runtime performance impact of the application. So how to remove this unwanted using statements from page, visual studio provide the option to remove this unwanted using statements.

Follow the below steps to quickly remove unused using statements.
1.Right click on inside the .cs file anywhere (No need to select all using statements).
2.Then select Organiz using -> click Remove unused Usings option.

That’s it, once done the above steps, visual studio removes the unused usings from file. See the below screen shot.

Remove unused USING statements

Remove unused USING

Above screen shots displays only usings which are used in the specific code file.

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