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Welcome to .Net articles, In this you can find all categories, which is required for .Net programming, and for learning .Net, advance technologies are available.

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Add, Hide, Rename and Delete PDF Layers in C# 
This article shows how to add layers to PDF, hide or show layers, rename layers and delete layers from PDF using c#.
By Michael on Nov 15 2017 3:16AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 183 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
How to become a Software Testing Expert? 
There are many best reasons to end up a software testing expert so allows get began.
By Mindqsystems on Jun 28 2017 12:59AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 805 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 1
Insert Hyperlinks in Excel using Free API and C# 
In this article, we'll describe how to insert hyperlinks in Excel using a free API. For instance, link to an existing web page/email address, link to a file, link to a place in workbook and link to an Unc path.
By Michael on Jan 25 2017 12:59AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 1454 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
Exporting data to multiple formats in C# 
If you are working on enterprise application for your client, you shall be facing one common problem in every meeting, your client always asks for the multiple format data export functionality for data grids and reports. Only a few libraries are available in the market to fulfill our requirements.
By Bhavikpatel08 on Dec 9 2016 12:19AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 1251 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
Measuring c# application Garbage Collection using performance counter 
In this article we will measure garbage collection by using performance counters.
By Rahulcool on Nov 18 2016 6:30AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 1313 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
How to merge and split the PDF files from code 
Merge the PDF files together into one single PDF file document and Split the PDF files into two parts for the introduction and report contents.
By Janewdaisy on Oct 26 2016 12:18AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 882 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
Sorting in Excel Spreadsheet from Windows Form 
In this article you will see how to sort Excel data and save them in your working location with the help of spire.xls from spire.
By Kumbhanibhavesh on Sep 21 2016 7:47AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 1147 | Level : Advance| Comments : 0
Simple ASP.NET Code to Find All the SQL Statements Used in a Project 
In this article, I will explain how to fetch all the SQL statements which we were used in our project and show them in separate results.
By Karthik Sachin on Jul 26 2016 8:08AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 1087 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
How to add and format SmartArt shape on PowerPoint document 
Add custom SmartArt shapes to the slides from scratch. Set the style type, color style for the SmartArt shape and extract text from SmartArt in PowerPoint in C#.
By Janewdaisy on Jul 25 2016 7:43PM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 1491 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
Simple steps to Convert Code Behind Files or Class Files into One dll File in Visual Studio 
In this Article, I will describe how to convert all the code behind files and class files that are used in a project into one dll file.
By Karthik Sachin on Jul 25 2016 9:02AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 937 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0

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