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What is WCF Endpoint?

by SARNAM SINGH   on Apr 15, 2016   Category: WCF  | Level: Beginner  |  Views: 1174    |  Points: 100   
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This article is very useful for beginner. Although its introductory article but helpful.

WCF Endpoint provides a way by which client can communicate with WCF service. Endpoint provide client access to all the operations provided by WCF service.

  It mainly contains three major component i.e ABC

1. Address : The address uniquely identifies the endpoint and enable the client where service can be located.

2. Binding: The Binding defines how client can communicate with the service. specifying which transport protocol to be used, which encoding to use , which security requirement necessary etc....

3. Contract: The contract specifies what functionality service provides, can be used by client, means it specifies what operation client can call, the form of message , type of data to call the operation and response of message as expected by client.

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