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How to upload multiple files and directories to an SFTP server 
This shows how to upload multiple files to an SFTP server using Ultimate SFTP library.
By Jimmy Osmond on Nov 26 2014 7:39AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 4359 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
Simple solution to convert table in Word to Excel by Free API 
We often use Microsoft Excel for storing large amounts of data. If you also have the same situation with me that the data exists in Microsoft Word table document and then you want to use an Excel spreadsheet to manage it, my solution will be introduced here may be able to help you. In my solution, I use free DocX to parse Word document and free Spire.Xls API for creating Excel file. The below will introduce my solution in detail.
By sarker ishwar on Nov 26 2014 2:41AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 1860 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
Message Exchange Patterns in WFC 
It describes the ways of communication between client and WCF services.
By Yashwant Kumar on Oct 15 2014 9:40PM | Category : WCF | Views : 2955 | Level : Intermediate| Comments : 0
Set Gridview column width dynamically using C# 
In this article, I will explain how to set the gridview column width dynamically.
By Thamil on Oct 9 2014 5:58AM | Category : C# | Views : 25136 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
WCF Service Self Hosting 
This article will describe what is self hosting and how to implement it.
By Anand Kumar on Oct 9 2014 12:36AM | Category : WCF | Views : 3373 | Level : Intermediate| Comments : 1
Create word document with headers and footers and save it as xps in C# 
In this article I will use an instance of creating a word document with header and footer to introduce the detail method to use the docx library to generate the docx files and save it as xps file via the free spire.doc.
By sarker ishwar on Oct 8 2014 1:26AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 6053 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
How to change .Net framework version without restarting W3SVC service in IIS? 
In this short article I will explain how to change the .net framework version in the IIS for the specific application without restarting W3SC services.
By Thamil on Sep 9 2014 2:54AM | Category : IIS | Views : 2886 | Level : Intermediate| Comments : 0
How to post a form data using Enter key in ASP.NET? 
In this article I will explain how to submit a form when user clicks on enter key in asp.net application.
By Thamil on Aug 28 2014 6:29AM | Category : ASP.NET | Views : 3175 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
Easy Solution to Play with PowerPoint document 
In this article, I introduce a FREE .NET library that can create and edit PowerPoint document very easily. And there is also a simple demo showing how to use the library.
By kim johnson on Jul 15 2014 1:52AM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 2438 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
When user visit a website for the first time a .txt file sent to users web browser and stored in a user system in a particular location this text file termed as cookies.
By vamsikrishna on Jul 3 2014 12:19AM | Category : ASP.NET | Views : 1813 | Level : Intermediate| Comments : 1
jQuery Set Maxlength for Multiline Textbox in Asp.net 
In previous articles I explained jQuery disable right click on images, jQuery expand textbox on focus , jQuery slideup slidedown slidetoggle example, jQuery fadein or fadeout example, jQuery create rounded corners for textbox, jQuery show time in webpage and many articles relating to JQuery. Now I will explain how to set maxlength for multiline textbox in asp.net using jQuery.
By javed akhtar ansari on Dec 25 2013 11:49PM | Category : .Net Framework | Views : 6244 | Level : Beginner| Comments : 0
Checkbox list in Dropdown using Asp.net Ajax PopupControlExtender control 
In this article I will explain how to display checkbox list on dropdown control using asp.net ajax PopupControlExtender control.
By Thamil on Oct 4 2013 9:42AM | Category : ASP.NET Ajax | Views : 46296 | Level : Intermediate| Comments : 0
How to close child window when parent window is closed using JavaScript in asp.net application? 
In this article I will explain how to close child popup window when parent window is closed using JavaScript in asp.net applications.
By Thamil on Sep 1 2013 1:35PM | Category : Javascript | Views : 16871 | Level : Intermediate| Comments : 0
How to change alternative color in asp.net gridview rows and columns? 
In this article, I will show you how to set alternative color for gridview rows and columns in asp.net.
By Thamil on Aug 10 2013 11:25AM | Category : ASP.NET | Views : 27275 | Level : Intermediate| Comments : 0
How to store and retrieve images from SQL server database using asp.net? 
In this article, I will show you how to store images into sql server table and display in gridview control in the page using asp.net and sql server stored procedure.
By Thamil on Aug 9 2013 11:49PM | Category : ASP.NET | Views : 223998 | Level : Intermediate| Comments : 6

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