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CSC : error in metadata file

by Mark Collins   on Sep 09, 2016   Category: ASP.NET  |  Views: 1594    |  Points: 5   |  Starter 

Finding solution to find Metadata file:

I can't find my Metadata file in VisualStudio during compilation of project. Can somebody help me to find the same than please do the needful.

Awaiting for your effective solution.

Thank you

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  Re :CSC : error in metadata file   
by David Jones
on Sep 12 2016 3:51AM
Points : 10

I was facing the same problem, I also tried to resolve this by myself but unable to do so. However, this company MSP IT Concepts www (dot) mspconcepts (dot) com resolved this for me. They have excellent ASP.NET development team which helped me fix this and many other bugs in my ASP.NET related stuff. you may want to get in touch with brijesh.l at mspconcepts (dot) com I'm sure they would be able to help. They are professionals & quick to provide accurate solution for your web development projects.

  Re :CSC : error in metadata file   
by Bikesh Srivastava
on Sep 12 2016 4:03AM
Points : 10
You can run ildasm.exe file on your system and check your exe or dll.

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